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Dimotiki Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Demotic Greek and Modern Greek.
This language is a modern conversational version of Greek, and is spoken in Greece.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / Patéra mas

Patéra mas, poù eĩsai stoùs ouranoús: às hagiastē͂   t'    ónomá sou.
Father our   who art    in-the heavens  be-hallowed  the name   of-thee

Às érthē hē   basileía  sou.      Às gínē  tò   thélēmá sou,      hópōs stòn
come      the kingdom of-thee  be-done the will         of-thee as       in-the

ouranò  étsi kaì   stḕ      gē͂.     Tò psōmí  mas  tò   kathēmerinò dō͂se mas
heaven so   also on-the earth the bread  of-us the daily             give   us

sḗmera. Kaì  sukhṓresé mas tà   khtéē mas, hópōs ki'    emeĩs sukhōroũme
today     and forgive       us    the debts of-us as       also we      forgive

toùs khreōpheilétes mas. Kaì  mḕ mãs phérēs sè   peirasmó   allà leutérōsé
the   debtors            of-us and not us    lead     into temptation but  deliver

mas apò   tòn ponēró.
us    from the  evil-one.

Note: letters with two dots and an accent mark are supposed to have a line and an accent mark

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