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 Dholuo Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Luo, Nilotic Kavirondo, and Kavirondo Luo.
This language is spoken by 3,500,000 in Nyanza Province, Kenya, and in Tanzania.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Wuonwa ma e polo / Our Father
Wuonwa ma e polo,
nyingi mondo oluor,
lochni obi,
Dwaroni mondo otimre e piny
kaka timore e polo,
Imiwa tinende chiembwa mapilepile.
Iwenwa richowa,
kaka waweyo ni joma timonwa marach,
kik iterwa kar tem,
To ireswa e richo.

Misawa Maria / Hail Mary
Misawa Maria
Iponggi nema ruoth obed kodi
In jahawi kwoum mon gi
Jesus nyathi manie iyi jahawi.
Maria Matakatifu
Min Nyasaye kwanue wan
Jo ketho kawuono gi kar thowa.

Miremba Maria / Hail Mary
Miremba Maria, Ipong' nema,
Ruoth obet kodi, I jahawi kuom mon duto,
Gi wesu Nyanthi ma e iyi, jahawi.
Maria Matakatifu, Min Nyasaye,
Ikwanwae wa joketho kawuono gi
kar thowa.

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