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Braid Scots Rosary Prayers
This language is a Scots dialect spoken in Scotland's lowlands from Aberdeen to Ayrshire. United Kingdom.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Our Faither in Heiven,
hallowt be thy name;
thy Kingdom come,
thy will be dune
on the yird, as in heiven
Gíe us our breid for this incommin day;
forgie us the wrangs we hae wrocht
as we hae forgíen the wrangs we hae dree'd;
an sey-us-na sairlie,
but sauf us frae the Ill Ane.

Our Father
Faither o' us a, 'biding Aboon!
Thy name be holie!
Lat thy reign begin!
Lat thy wull be dune,
on the Yirth as in Heeven!
Gie us ilka day oor needfu' fendin.
And forgie us a' oor ill deeds,
as we e'en forgae thae wha did us ill:
And lat us no be siftit;
but save us frae the Ill-Ane!

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