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Zapoteco (Northeastern Miahuatlán) Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Zapotec, Amatlán, Zapoteco de San Cristobal Amatlán, Zapoteco del Noreste de Miahuatlán.
This language is spoken by 6,000 people in southern Oaxaca, east of Miahuatlán, Mexico.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Diox xud nu', co' nzo loo bè' / Our Father / Pater Noster
Diox xud nu', co' nzo loo bè',
ndlya's nu' no ña'b nu' loo U' le' mèn ta' cuent no ten' mèn thidte U' nac Diox natú'pe'.
Nu' mbez loo U' no ña'b nu' loo U' le' U' ñibe'pe' loo mèn dib athu loo izlyo'.
No gàca xal nee lezo' U' loo izlyo' ndxè xalque' ndxàc co' nee lezo' U' loo bé'.
Fta' U' lua' nu' no xít nu' co' hua nu' nalze no taamas con' co' naquinque' nu' atate huiz.
Fton' U' xquin nu' no xtol nu' xal nteri'th ntecan' nu' xèn xyàn co' ndli hues xtàa nu' loo nu'.
Ne'lá'ya'de U' nu' par aseli nu' cua'n nu' xquin nu' no xtol nu' loo U'.
Ndxe'leque', blàa U' nu' loo ryethe con' ye'rsin'.
Tac U' ñibe' loo ryethe con'.
No ndxàp U' ryethe con' roo no ryethe con' xèn la's nii U' no la's ya' U'.
No che'npe' U' nac ryethe con' roo no con' xèn le'n lin' co' ntlo,
no le'n lín' co' ndexelo,
no le'n lín' co' ne'lith node thidtene.
Taandxè' gàca.

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