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 Yessan-Mayo Rosary Prayers
The Yessan-Mayo language is also known as Mayo-Yesan, Mayo, and Yasyin.
This language is spoken by 2,000 people in East Sepik Province and Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Nemre Hevenke tetaana Aapiy,
nem salba, nere sig yenbowaay tete.
Nem salba, ne kwom paanan site.
Nere kwom taama rrem nere weba
tumaa atop nenba.
Opkaap nem salba, nem nowselre taataama
nem kirrkirr atop nente.
Ne nemne gwotoptere aawas nowate.
Taataama rrem nemne yaaperr nenba,
nem rremkene kelmenaaba.
Opkaap neren merra,
nemre yaaperr nenbakaap ne serrte.
Ne sene kaap haabote.
Ne nemne saw maana saylaate.
Seten rre nemne kaap kaykerrate.
Kem Aapiy God rrekene tumaa naamrete,
kem atop wete.

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