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 Wampukuamp Rosary Prayers
  Wampukuamp is also known as Endangen and West-Central Kombio.
This language is a dialect of Kombio spoken in villages on Toricelli Mountains, Dreikikir District, East Sepik Province,
Papua New Guinea.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer
Waiek antelel ka ar yemp ekeipmelel,
nio ntinkiraiel aiyiknel ko yer niorknel.

10. An aiyimp yikn ko yikn pelkel semp yemp
omoule amampel, nako an nekerpm sank
aiyiknel sukurel yer kitapmel ntoka nti ka
ar no yemp ekeipmel ka nakerpm upuikn
aiyiknel aninkaninkel.

11. An aiyimp yikn na yok an miepm yupulp awun keielel.

12. Yapmonemp kuoretel antelel ko yikn
wonempsukurel sop ka an wonempsukurel
yapmonemp kuoretel antuol ka nti apulp anel.

13. Et yikn korokn yekei niampepm ser setel kuoretel
ninkemp wankepm. Ko yikn mpuanink an yupulp
Satan kakorokn ukuap an na yupulp an ntokilelel.

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