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 Wa Rosary Prayers
The Wa language is also known as Vo, K'awa, Kawa, Va, Wa Pwi, and Wakut.
This language is spoken by 558,000 people in Shan State, upper Salween River area and around Kentung City, Myanmar. It is also spoken in China.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
'Kui-ing e pa ot pehang meung raoma keh ceukau
Mai kwe kra yung kra yi heu-e.
Keh meung Mai hwet heu-e.
Awm naok alo Mai pehang meung raoma,
ka pehang hakteh in kaw keh awm an heu-e.
Taw pa i pa un pa lo e son singai leh-ak.
Mai: plu-at ploi hpimap hpigram e leh-ak,
awm plu-at ploi e pwi pa hpit ka e heu-e.
Mai: paw veh e hwet ka dau kra nyaw kra glaw,
vehang maw kaw nan tao e hkaing kaw pa cao leh-ak.
Graw grawng naw meung hak-teh,
mai: siawp sibrawm, mai: min plakngai,
maw ceh Mai lui-ing ju lui-ing hpan heu-e.

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