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 Uma Rosary Prayers
The Uma language is also known as Pipikoro, Uma Aria, and Oema.
This language is spoken by 20,000 people in Central Sulawesi, Koro-Lariang River valley, Indonesia.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer
Tuama-kai to hi rala suruga,
Pomperapia' -kai, bona hawe'ea tauna mpobila'hanga' -nu to moroli',
6.10 bona Iko jadi' Magau'hi dunia',
bona hawe'ea tauna hi dunia' mpobabehi konoa-nu,
hibalia hante ihi' suruga.
6:11 Wai' -kai pongkoni' to kiparaluu eo toe lau.
6:12 Ampungi sala' -kai, hewa kai' wo'o mpo'ampungi sala' doo hi kai'.
6:13 Neo' -kai nupelele' rasori, bahaka-kai ngkai kuasa anudaa'.
Apa' Iko-mi Magau' to mokuasa pai' to bohe tuwu' -nu, duu' kahae-hae-na.

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