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Tupí (Modern) Rosary Prayers
It is also known as Nhengatu, Geral, Yeral, Nyengato, and Coastal Tupian.
This language is spoken by 3,000 people in Lower Vaupés,Içana and Negro River areas, Amazonas, Brazil. Also spoken in Colombia and Venezuela.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer / Oré r-ub, ybak-y-pe tekó-ar
Oré r-ub, ybak-y-pe tekó-ar,
I moeté-pyr-amo nde r-era t'o-îkó.
T'o-ur nde "Reino"!
T'o-ñe-moñang nde r-emi-motara yby-pe
Ybak-y-pe i ñe-moñanga îabé!
Oré r-emi-'u, 'ara-îabi'õ-ndûara,
e-î-me'eng kori orébe.
Nde ñyrõ oré angaîpaba r-esé orébe,
oré r-erekó-memûã-sara supé oré ñyrõ îabé.
Oré mo'ar-ukar ume~ îepé "tentação" pupé,
oré pysyrõ-te îepé mba'e-a'iba suí.

Hail Mary / Tulus y mitoongo bem
Tulus y mitoongo bem
Maria, menefeno go
b'gracia, cadenam dob
beeman, bendita go labi
be caluja y delibun, brah
bendito so y onoc mo
Santa Maria, ydeng
Dios, ongote ni begei
mensalae beleue, brah dob
y ay quesoyqueyo.
Amen Jesus.
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