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Tserari Romani Rosary Prayers
The Tserari language is also known as Churari and Churarícko.
This language is a Romani, Vlax dialect spoken by Romani (Gypsy) people in Brazil. It is also spoken in Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Serbia and many other European and American countries.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Amaro Dad’i,
com sam ando raio,
te suntossardiol’ tio anau’,
te avel’tar tiiro t’hem,
te querdiol’pe tiiro camipe,
sar ando raio,
cade vi pe p’huu’.
Amaro saco diessesco manro de amengue adies,
h’ai iertissar amare besserh’a,
sar vi ame iertissaras codalengue,
com amengue besserh’arem,
h’ai na inguer amem ande sumaviimata,
ba i’slobodissar amem cat’har o nassul’.

Hail Mary

Au’ drobome Mariia,
grat’siiassa p’herdo,
o Rai si Tussa,
ach’tiilime san tu masch’car le romnia,
h’ai ach’tiilime si tie truposco fructo,Iessuch.
Sunto Mariia,
Deu’lesqui Dei,
rudiissartu and’ame besserh’ale
acanac h’ai p’amare merimasco tchasso.

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