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 Totonaco (Papantla) Rosary Prayers
The Papantla Totonaco language is also known as Lowland Totonaco.
This language is spoken by 80,000 people in Jalacingo District, State of Veracruz, Mexico.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / Huix Quintlaticán ti huilapi c-akapún
Huix Quintlaticán ti huilapi c-akapún,
Caj xman huix mininiyán nacacninanicán mintucuhuiní.
Camilh milimapaksín unú c-quilakstipancán.
Laquimpi xlicatlanca catiyatna makantaxtimácaj nahuán milimapaksín,
lantla makantaxtimacanchá c-akapún.
Huantu lanchú cmaclacasquinahu quinchujcán caquincamaxqui.
Na caquincamatzankanani xlipacs huantu nitlán ccatlahuaninitán,
na chuná lantla quin cmatzankananikoyahu huanti quincatalatlahuanitán.
Ni caquincamakáxtakti laquimpi pala ti naquincamatlahuiyán talakalhín,
huata caquincamapanuni xlipacs huantu xquincamatlahuín tu nitlán.
Sampi huata huix mininiy namapaksinana c-quilatamatcán,
chu nití mataxtuca militlihuaka,
chu huata huix mininiy naccacninaniyahu xlitlanca milicacni caxanilihuayaj xtihua.
Chuná calalh, Amén.

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