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Tok Pisin Pidgin English Rosary Prayers
This language Tok Pisin, better known as Pidgin English, is a Creole form of English spoken widely in Papua New Guinea, mainly in the northern half of the country. As of 1982, about 50,000 people spoke it as a first tongue. Some 2 million persons speak it as a second language. Given the plethora of languages native to Papua New Guinea, Pidgin is a prime lingua franca used for communication within the country. It is the most frequently used language in the Papua New Guinea Parliament and in commerce. Distinct dialects exist between lowlands, highlands, and islands, with the highlands dialect having the greatest influence from English.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.
Long nem bilong Papa / Sign of the Cross / Signum Crucis
Long nem bilong Papa, na bilong Son,

na bilong Spiritu Santu. Amen.

Mi bilip long God Papa / The Apostles' Creed / Credo
Mi bilip long God Papa, em i gat olgeta strong, em i as bilong heven na graun olgeta, em yet i putim
Mi bilip long Jisas Krais, em wanpela tasol em i Pikinini tru bilong God. Em i Bikpela bilong yumi
Holi Spirit i putim em long bel bilong yangpela meri Maria, na em i karim em 
Pontias Pailat i tok na i givim pen long em, na ol i nilim em long diwai Kros. Em i dai pinis na ol i planim em, na em i go daun long ples bilong ol daiman
Em i kirap bek long matmat long de namba tri
Na bihain em i goap long heven. Nau em i sindaun long han sut bilong God Papa i gat olgeta strong
Bihain Em bai i kam bek bilong mekim kot long ol man i gat laip na long ol daiman
Mi bilip long Holi Spirit
Mi bilip long Holi Kristen Sios. Mi bilip long olgeta Kristen i wanbel tru
Mi bilip long God i save tekewe olgeta sin bilong yumi
Mi bilip long olgeta daiman bai i kirap long matmat
Mi bilip long God i save givim yumi laip i stap oltaim oltaim. Tru.

Papa Bilong Mipela / Our Father / Pater Noster
Papa bilong mipela, yu stap long heven.
Ol i santuim nem bilong yu.
Kingdom bilong yu i kam.
Ol i harim tok bilong yu long graun olsem long heven.
Tude givim kaikai bilong de long mipela.
Pogivim rong bilong mipela,
olsem mipela pogivim rong ol i mekim long mipela.
Yu no bringim mipela long traim,
tekewe samting nogut long mipela.

Ave, Maria / Hail Mary
Ave, Maria, yu pulap long grasia. Lord, i stap long yu. Ol i onaim yu moa long ol meri, na ol i onaim Jisas, Em Pikinini bilong bel bilong yu. Santu Maria, Mama bilong God, pre bilong helpim mipela manmeri bilong sin, nau na long taim milpela i dai. Amen.

Another version of
Ave Maria / Hail Mary

Ave Maria, yu pulap long grasia,
Lord i stap long yu.
Ol i onarim yu moa long ol meri,
na i onarim Jisas i pikinini bilong bel bilong yu.
Santu Maria, mama bilong God,
pre for mipela, man bilong pekato,
nau na taim mipela i dai. Amen.

Another version of
Ona long Papa / Glory Be to the Father / Gloria Patri

Ona long Papa, na long Son, na long Spiritu Santu.
Olsem taim bipo, na nau, na oltaim. Amen.

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