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 Tinputz Rosary Prayers
  The Tinputz language is also known as Vasui, Vasuii, Vasoi, and Timputs.
This language is spoken by 3,900 people in Teop-Tinputz District, Bougainville Province, Papua New Guinea.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer / Tamamöm eën
‘Tamamöm eën to te’nom
vöön va kin.
Emöm to hin nem pan a
ëhnöömah se te’ vasio’
tamoaan non.
10. A Matop Vih pën se nö ma’.
Kemöm sih vatet vavih o iu
pën manih po oeh,
vamanih pa ö nee to
vavatet va ne sih manuh
pa vöön va kin.
11. He’ a ma’ möm a taëën to onöt
non a ma poen kurus.
12. Ihan anoe a ma hat pemöm,
vamanih pa ö nemöm to
ihan anoe va voh in a ma hat
no upöm te’ to nok ka möm.
13. Parën nat nom vaonöt a punö’,
ke’tavus manih pemöm,
kon këh a möm a ma
punö’pe susun po ora’ hat.’

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