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Tepehua (Northern) Rosary Prayers
  Northern Tepehua is also known as Tepehuán del Norte.
This language is spoken by 8,000 people in the Baborigame area, southern Chihuahua, Mexico.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / G^rooga aapi p^smaac^d^ t^vaagi^r^ daja
G^rooga aapi p^smaac^d^ t^vaagi^r^ daja,
aat^m^ ip^lidi is^oodami g^siia duutuadagi.
Vai otoma a^na istuigaco gat^aan^da agai aapi ^^gi tami oidigi daama.
Vaid^ ^p^duuna p^stumaasi aapi ip^lidi tami oidigi daama poduucai isduucai ^p^vueeyi t^vaagi^r^.
G^rsoiñañi t^tai viaaca aat^m^ cuaadagai t^si^^si t^gito sivi v^^tar^.
G^roig^ldañi g^rsoimaascamiga t^smaac^d^ ivueeyi poduucai t^sduucai oig^ldi aat^m^ ^gai ismaac^d^ soimaasi g^rvuiididi
. Maiti dagito is^Diaavora g^raagiadan taadacagi isiduñia aat^m^ soimaasi
. C^^ maat^ aat^m^ isaapi ^r^g^^ bait^c^aacami t^vaagi^r^ dai oidi daama tomastuigaco,
dai aapi vaamioma viaa guvucadagai tomastuigaco istomali ^mo ^mai dai
isali^si g^aagai isv^^si oodami g^siaa duutuadagi tomastuigaco.

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