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Tepehua De Huehuetla Rosary Prayers
This language is spoken by 3,000 people in Huehuetla area, Hidalgo, Mexico.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / Quimpai ju vilhchi' lact'iyan chach tac'atsa ju lapanacni
Quimpai ju vilhchi' lact'iyan chach tac'atsa ju lapanacni ni na salak'at ju uxint'i.
Chah chilh ju avilhchan acsni alhinona' ju uxint'i.
Chach navicalh ju mink'achat ju ani lacat'un tachi ju navicantacha ju lact'iyan.
Aquilaxtakniuch ju chavai ju vaiti ju icmaktasq'uiniyau.
Aquilamac'acxaniuch ju quintalak'alhin quinc'an ni vachu' ic'amac'acxanitauch ju quintanavitan tu'u' macxcai.
Jantu aquilalhi'au junta acmapast'ac'anicau tu'u' macxcai.
Alai aquilamak'osuniuch ju macxcai.
Pus uxint'i ju lhina'un chai uxint'i ju alin ju mintachaput chai uxint'i ju lak'ayac'an tus va tavananch.
Slivasalh chunch ju unit'a.
Chunch ju anona'it'it acsni at'ach'ivinina'it'it ju Dios.

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