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 Takudh Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as
Western Canada Gwich'in, Tukudh, Loucheux, Kutchin.
  This language is spoken by 430 Vuntut Gwich'in people of Old Crow
(Yukon Territory) and Fort McPherson (North West Territories).
Also spoken in Fort Yukon and on Yukon river and tributaries
(northeastern Alaska), U.S.A..

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Nyiwhot Ttyi zyeh zit ni kwilnjik,
Nyorzi rsinjoochootinyoo.
Ni koọkekwadhut nichoozhit.
Ni yinji zyeh zit kwikit nunh kug akọtekonji.
Chih ttrin zit nyiwhon enyạntsit ttrin ndo hlekwitunazya nyiwhoh ssih.
Nyiwho trigwandyoth nyiwhet oounkwichịli nitsọ einut trigwandyoth
nyiwhet tungittiyin kot sut oounkwichitili.
Koọkukwutundei kwu tsut nyiwhot tunọe rshọ;
Kọ trigwandyoth kwut sut nyiwho yunnoụnji. Amen.

Another version
Ezyuk kwuggut kwikkit zyunguttunohchi:
Nyiwhot Tlyi zyeh zit nyik kwilnjik,
Nyorzi rsinjochootinyoo.
Nyik kookuk wadhut nichoozhit.
Ni yinji zyeh zit kwikkit nunh kuk akotukonji.
Choog ttrin nyiwhot truäettettegwantssi nyiwhih inya'ntsit.
Ako' nyiwhet kwichotli nyiwhet oounkwichili, nitso'
nyiwhot tsut kwet kwichotli kot sut oounkwitchitili.
Ako' kookukwutundui kwu sut nyiwhot tuno'e" rsho;
ko' trigwandyoth kwut sut nyiwhih inou'nji:
kwuggut yoo kookukwadhut,
ako' chutluth, ako' ekwahndit nit sun nili',
sheg kenjit.

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