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Swedish and Norwegian Romani Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Romani Tavringer, Gypsy-Traveller Swedish, and Tattare.
This language is spoken by the Tavringar-Vandriar group and other groups of Gypsies in Sweden and Norway.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Voro dad,
savo asjar an Develske Tèm.
Dado voro,
Diros ashar pre Homla,
Chukar ai latcho ashar Diros nav.
Ninna voro ava Diros Kheresteddo ai Homla,
Chera Diros latsho cheripen pre Homla ai helkoe Pu.
Dela voro pre o Dives manders divusanes maro.
Asha chi lak pre voro grekkopa, voro chi duriga ashar lake pre nino Vakoe for, lengro grekkopa te voro.
Voro chi te ava teli o lak Bengalo cheripen.
Hilpra voro chorona fann helkoe miak.
Thi Diros ashar o helkoe Homla ai Pu,
Zor ai latshipen, ninna helkoe saros Sea.
Tchachot ashar dova.

Our Father

Voro dad,
savo ashar an o Develske Tèm.
Baro aj lashot ashar Diros nav,
Ava Diros tèm,
Chera pre o Pu Diros farnisa,
savo an Develske Tèm.
Dela voro divusa maro,
lee vorsnus chi te vur,
na hilpra voro fann dova.
O Tèm, aj sas latsho aj bunot ashar Diros an Sea.
Dowa tchachot honka/hin.

Our Father

Voro dad,
savo ashar an o Devèlske Tem.
Baro ai latsho diro nav hon,
te aves diro Tem,
te kheras diro lava pre o pu
savo andri o Devèlske Tem.
Dela voro an dives voro diveske maro,
lee voro chi te o Vur,
na hilpres voro fann o Beng.
Diros ashar o Tem ai Sor an Sea.

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