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 Susu Rosary Prayers
The Susu language is also known as Soso, Susoo, Soussou, and Sose.
This language is spoken by 905,000 people in southwestern Guinea. It is also spoken in Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Wun۠ Fafé naχan۠ na arriyana,
Iχili χa seniyen۠.
Iχa yamine χa fa. Isague χa
naninama dunia ma, eme
aninaχi arriyanama kinaχé.
Muku ki to muku χa loχe loχe
buita sera. Anun۠ iχa muku
donii۠ lu, eme mukutan fan۠
nei doni lu naχai muku doni nun۠.
Anun۠ inama muku raso maninai,
kono iχa muku rakissi fekobi ma:
Fenaχaara Itanan gbe nan۠
yaminera, anun۠ sembe,
anun۠ daraja, abada. Amina.

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