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 Sioux Rosary Prayers
Sioux is also known as Dakota.
This language is spoken by 15,500 people in the northern Nebraska, southern Minnesota, North and South Dakota, northeastern Montana. It is also spoken in Canada.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Hail Mary / Ate unyanpi, mahpiya ekta
nanke cin, Nicaje
Ate unyanpi, mahpiya ekta
nanke cin, Nicaje
wakanlapi kta, Nitokiconze
hi kta, mahpiya ekta
tokel Nitawacin econpi
kin, he iyecel maka akanl
econpi kta. Anpetu
otoiyohi aguyapi kin,
anpetu kin le unqupo; na
waunhtanipi kin
unkakiciktonjapo, unkiś
tona sicaya ecaunkiconpi
kin iyecel
awicaunkiciktonjapi; na
taku wawiyutanyan un kin
el unkayapi sni po,
tka taku sice cin etanhan
eunglaku po. Amen.

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