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Seversk Rosary Prayers
This language is spoken in the city of Seversk in Tomsk Oblast, Russia.  It is located northwest of Tomsk and is on the right bank of the Tom River.  It has several nuclear reactors an chemical plants used for separation, enrichment, and reprocessing of plutonium and uranium.  There are also nuclear warheads storage facilities located there.  This used to be a secret city until 1992.  It appeared on no maps before then.  The city is closed to non-residents unless special permission is obtained from proper authorities.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / Atece når
Atece når, keti jesi na nevaror,
ta jåst fasvestøn namet'år.
Ta prijøda kralestvø tår.
Ta sø-ståda vola tår kant vø nevar, tath e na zamor.
Helabet når kazdanøn daj nåm vødanet.
E adpåst nåm nåra vinarat,
kant e me adpåstame nåru vinehturid.
E neprived nås vø farsykonøt,
øla zebav nås ad zilønis.

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