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Quiripi Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Quinnipiac, Mattabesic, Naugatuck, and Unquachog.

This language was spoken by  people in the
Quinnipiac, Mattabesic, Naugatuck, Paugussett, Schaghticoke, Wampano, and Unkechaug tribes that used to inhabit Connecticut.  Tehse tribes were devastated by smallpox and other European diseases.  In some of the Wampano villages, ninety percent of
the  population died. Other New England Native Americans, along with these tribes merged together after such devastation.  Consequently, many of the original tribal distinctions were lost. Sadly, because of the necessary merging, they cannot prove
a continuous cultural tradition to the federal government.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

 Noûshin Aûsequamuk Terre / Our Father / Pater Noster
Noûshin aûsequamuk terre
wérrettepantammunatch wòweztâuonatch kowésewunk
Peamoutch' kúkkussootúmmowunk,
kòrantàmmowunk neratch
sket'ôkke nenar âusequamuk terre,
Mèsonah èa kèsuk kónkesekatush noméetsounk,
petúkkenêag akquantamínah nomàtchereúnganansh
nenar tàkquantaminan ewojek nomàtcherehéaqueàguk,
Asquonsàkkongonan rame-re mítchemôuretounk,
webe kûppoquohwhèriggamínah wutche madjk'
wutche kèkatah kètassootómoonk, 
quah milkèssowunk quah àíttarwejanúnguesówunk
michème quah michème: Ne râtch.


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