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 Piros Rosary Prayers
Piros is also known as Piro.
This language is an extinct language that was spoken in Senecu, on the right bank of Rio Grande, Mexico. It was also spoken on the left bank in Socorro, U.S.A..

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Quitatác nasaul e yapolhua tol húy
quiamgiana mi quiamnarinú Jacquié mu
gilley nasamagui hikiey, quiamsamaé,
mukiataxám, hikiey, hiquiquiamo quia
inaé, huskilley nafoleguey, gimoréy,
y apol y ahuley, quialey, nasan e pomo
llekey, quiale mahimnague yo sé mahi kaná
rrohoy, se teman quiennatehui mu killey,
nani, emolley quinaroy zetasi, na san
quianatehuey pemcihipompo y, qui
solakuey quifollohipuca Kuey maihua
atellan, folliquitey.

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