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 Pilaga Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Pilaca.
This language is spoken in by 2,000 people along the valleys of the Bermejo and Pilcomayo rivers in central and western Formosa province, also in Chaco and Salta provinces, Argentina.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
'Am qadet'a qan'étoqo't 'me 'onet'ague
di' piỹem, ỹima da' qoỹi'ỹoxoden da' 'adenaxat.
Ỹa 'anamaxaño' qomle da' 'ad'onataxanaxac,
tetoqo; ỹí'et ga' 'onétapeec ỹima jen'me
huetalquéna, 'ená'am jena'me huet'ot na' piỹem.
Ỹa qo'mi 'auanema jénjo' nolo' ga' qonoq 'me
'Auapalaxa't qomle naua' qadoico,
'ená'am qo'mi da' sóxote sapalaxataq ga' qo'mi qoỹ'eteque
'me sa nó'in.
Sa 'te qomle da' qo'mi 'auasengueta ga'
qan'iinaguec, na'chidáta da' qo'mi
'antelaqtena'agueta ga' sa nó'in.
Já'a, na'chi 'éeta dójo'.

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