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The Work of God's Children

 Pangasinan Rosary Prayers
This language is spoken by 1,165,000 people in Pangasianan Province, Luzon, Philippines

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

The Lord's Prayer
Ama mi'n wala ka ed tawen,
Nagalang komon so ngaran mo.
Onsabi komon so panarian mo,
Nagawa komon so linawam,
onong ed tawen, ontan met ed dalin.
Say kanen mi'n agew-agew iter mo'd sikami ed agew aya.
Tan perdonam iray utang mi a singa
say inpamerdona mi met ed saray akautang ed sikami.
Tan ag mo kami yaboloy ed tokso,
ilaban mo kami ingen ed mauges.

Another version

'Ama min walad tawen;
Nagalang komuy ngaran mo;
onsabi la komuy Panarian mo;
nagawa komuy linawam ed dalin
a singa diad tawen.
Itdan mo kamiy kanen mid sayan agew.
Perdonam iray kasalanan mi,
a singa pamerdona mid saray nankasalanan ed sikami.
Tan ag mo kami iyaakar ed pakatuksoan,
no ag ingen iyagel mo kamid samay Maoges.'

Hail Mary

Ave Maria, napno
cay gracia, say Cataoay
oalad sica bendita cad
biin amin, tan benditoy
bongay egues mon si
Santa Marian Inay Dios,
picasi mo camin
managcasalanan, natan tan
naani no oras na ipatey mi.
Amen Jesus.

Glory Be

Nagalang so Dios Ama,
Dios Anak tan Dios Espiritu Santo.
Unong ed gapo,
natan tan lawas ed ando lan ando.

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