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The Work of God's Children

Osage Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Wazhazhe.
This language is a nearly extinct language spoken by 5 people in north central Oklahoma, USA.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Intaatze / Our Father / Pater Noster
Intaatze        ankougtapi    manshigta    ninkshe,         
     Father                  our            
sky          sitting in                          
      shaashe      digta
        name             thy

            be it worshipped much.       

Wawalantankapi    digta   tshigtailow.
         Greatness              thine     let it come.      

Ilakistze    inkshe   manshigta   ekioupi 
As they will      in        sky           they do     

 manshan   lai  akaha    ekongtziow 
       earth      this    on      just so let it be.   

Humpal    humpake   sani   waatzütze  onkougtapi 
This day      day           all          corn       

     give us     

Ouskan     pishi     waxshigepa
     dealings     bad    to us have done

we again throw off.

ankale      ekon      onskan      pishi   ankougtapi
    We          so         dealing      bad          

throw away from us.
Ouskan    pishi    ankagebetapi   wasamkapi  
  Dealings    bad        ours               
us try            


Nanshi   pishi  inkabe  walitsisapiow.
     but      evil       in        remove from us.

Be it so.
Another version of

Intatze ankougtapi manshigta ningshe, shashe dichta
(Father our in heaven who art, name thy)

ouchoupegtselou,wawalagtankapi dichta tshighselou. Hakistse
(be hallowed. kingdom thy come. Will)

ingshe manshingta ekionpi, manshan lai ackougtsiow.
(thy in heaven be done on earth be it done likewise.)

Humpale humpake sani watsutse ankougtapi wakupiow.
(Today and day every bread our to us give.)

Ouskan pishi wacshiegchepa ankionle ankale, aikon
(Action bad to us which has been done, we it forgive, so)

ouskan pishi ankougtapi waonlapiow. Ouskan pishi
(action bad ours us forgive.. Action bad)

ankagchetapi wasankapi ninkow. Nansi pishi ingshe
(to do by us lead us not. But evil from)

walietsi sapiow. Aikougtsiou.
(deliver us. Amen.)

Havai Marie / Hail Mary / Ave Maria

Havai Marie, Wagkonda
odikupi odis-hailow,
Wagkonda shodigue
acchow, wakoki odisanha
odichoupegtsiow, Jusus
tsaitse oulagran ingshe
Walagui Marie,
Wagkonda chonh, wawatapiow
dekousi antzapi aitchanski.

Another version of
Havai Marie / Hail Mary / Ave Maria
Havai Marie,
Hail Mary,

Wagkonda odikupi odis-hailow,
of the Great Spirit of gifts thou art.

Wagkonda shodigue acchow.
The Great Spirit with thee is.

Wakoki odisanha
The women among them

thou art blessed.

Jusus tsaitse oulagran ingshe
Jesus of the womb the fruit thy

is blessed.

Walagui Marie,
Holy Mary,

Wagkonda, chonh,
of the Great Spirit, the Mother,

wawatapiow dekousi antzapi aitchanski.
pray for us sinners now and at the moment of our death.


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