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 Northeastern Dinka Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Padang, White Nile Dinka, and Jaang.
This language is spoken by 320,000 in both sides of White Nile, around Renk, Kodok, Khor Filus, Sabat River, Melut, and Khor Adar, in Sudan.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Waada nu paannhial,
Tɔ rinku rieuwe / Our Father / The Lord's Prayer

9 Yen aa wek lɔŋ wakle:
Waada nu paannhial,
Tɔ rinku rieuwe.
10 Tɔ ciɛɛŋdu bɔ,
Tɔ kede piɔndu ee looi e piny nɔm,
Acit man e ye looi paannhial.
11 Miɔc wook ekoole ne kecam kɔɔrku;
12 Ku ye wook pal kany cath e wook,
Acit man pɛl wok kɔc cath e kanykuɔ.
13 Ku du wook e lɛɛr e themic,
Ye wo luok ne kerac;

Ciɛɛŋ ee kedu, riɛl ee kedu,
Dhueeŋ ee kedu, aɣet athɛɛr.

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