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Napoletano-Calabrese Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Napolitano, Napulitano, and Neopolitan.
This language is spoken by 7,048,000 people in Calabria and Campania Provinces.  It is also spoken in other areas of southern Italy.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / O Pate Nuosto
Pate nuoste ca staje ncielo,
santificammo 'o nomme tujo,
faje vení 'o regno tujo
sempe c' 'a vuluntà toja,
accussí ncielo e nterra.
Fance avè 'o ppane tutt' 'e juorne
lèvece 'e rièbbete
comme nuje 'e llevamme all'ate,
nun ce fa spantecà,
e llèvace 'o male 'a tuorno.

Hail Mary / Ave Maria
Ave Maria, staje china 'e grazzia,
'O Signore sta cu ttico.
Tu sî na femmena 'ncarmata
E 'ncarmato è 'o figlio tujo, Gesú.
Santa Maria, Mamma 'e Ddio,

pria pe nnuje peccature,

mo' e quanne aimma murí.


Glory Be / Gròlia
Gròlia ô Pate,
ô Figlio
e ô Spiritu Ssanto.
Comme s'accummenciaje,
e mmo, e ssempe
int' 'e secule d' 'e secule.

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