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Nahuatl (Sierra De Puabla) Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Sierra Aztec, Sierra de Puebla Nahuat, Zacapoaxtla Aztec, Zacapoaxtla Mejicano, and Highland Puebla Nahuatl.
This language is spoken in Mexico.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
There are two versions of this; this is the first:
Tohueyitajtzin ten tiyetica eluiyactzinco,
ma timitzonmohuistilican ica in chicahualis de motocaytzin.
Huan ma xionuiqui huan ma xiquinyolyecana ica mohueyichicahualis motaneltocacahuan.
Huan ma mochihua nochi ten Tejuatzin ticonmonequiltía nican talticpac ijcón queme mochiutoc ne eluiyactzinco.
Xitechonmaca axcan totaxcaltzin ten techpoloa.
Huan xitechontapojpolui den totajtacoluan ijcón queme tejuan no tiquintapojpoluijque ya naquen techmohuispoloayaj.
Huan amo xitechonuica tech in ohuijcayot.
Ta, xitechonajchihuili den chicahualis den amocuali.
Huan timitzonhueyimohuistilíaj porín
Tejuatzin san ticonpía in hueyitayecanalis in hueyichicahualis huan
Tejuatzin san Tionueyichiuque porín nesi mocualtzinyo para nachipa ijcón.

This second version is used in the town of Huitzilan de Serdán, in the region of Cuetzalan, Puebla:
Totahtzin techin ilhuiyac Timoyeztica
mah moyectenehua motocaitzin.
Mah huiqui tonahuac motatocayotzin.
Mah mochihua Motanequiliz nican talticpac queme tech in ilhuiyac.
Xitechmaca axcan totaxcal den mozta mozta.
Xitechtahpopolhui in totahtacolhuan,
ihcon queme in tehan tiquintapohpolhuía aquin technempolohua.
Amo xitechcahua mah tihuetzicah itech tayehyehcolitzin,
huan xitechmaquixti dennochi in amocuali.
Mah ihcon mochihua.

Hail Mary

Ximopaquilti María, teh titemictoc ica mahuiztic.
In Toteco yetoc mohuan.
Tateochihual tehuatizin intech nochin cihuatzitizin.
Tateochihual in Tapoxhuil den moihtic, Jesús.
Yectictitzin María, inan Dios ximotatauhti
totechcopa in tahtacolhuanime
axcan huan tomiquiliztempan.
Ma ihcon mochihua.
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