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Naasioi Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Kongara, Nasioi, Kieta, Kieta Talk, and Aunge.
This languages info is, the Kongara people traditonally live in the Daarui (Laluai) Valley by Mt. Takuang, in the mountains south west of Kieta, on Bougainville Island, the northern-most part of the Solomon Islands Chain in the South Pacific. About 3000 people speak this dialect and another 10,000 are estimated to be able to understand it fairly well in Bougainville Province, Kieta District, Papua New Guinea.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Niuma paning-koo otomaung,
dakaang miring meeka’antavari otoaing.
10. Dakaang muu’ po’antaveai.
Dakaang pia nkoaravaing anke kansi’koo
paning-koo nkoaramana’ nari’.
11. E’mung-koo makosina’ ameriai tee
taamang doong kante amerimaung.
12. Tonta’antameriai niikaning orarananka
nii’ oraka’ nkomaarimaing tonta’antaevorompimana’.
13. Ee’noko parapaara-koo si’meriauka’,
teka tonta’antameriai teieta naning orara
bakaang purinto’keta; ai’ da’ tee ookara-koo
okorui tarenumpo’, purinto’po’nung,
ee’noko meena’doi otomaung ookara doong-koo.
Tee’ ee’na.

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