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Mikir Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Karbi, Manchati, Mikiri, and Karbi Karbak.
This language is spoken my 478,000 people in Mikir and Rengma hills, Assam, in Meghalaya and Nagaland, India.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / Sining athak kedo netum a Po
Sining athak kedo netum a Po,
Nang men pangthirnang,
Nang rat pevangnang,
Sining asonthot pirthe athakta Nang ning kehang peplengnang.
Pini netum kanangji a-an pini netum aphan ne pitha,
lapen netum along apreng kedo atum aphan netum kadiiatang
asonthotle, netum aphan ne diiatha,
lapen asat kelangji le netum aphan ne ponrinon
bonta kahingno ajakong pen netum aphan ne pejoktha.

Hail Mary / Kardom o Maria
Kardom o Maria,
akejoikepih, kepleng
abang, Hemphu nang pen
duk, arlosomar andbong
nang phan si ahaw
pitanglonang Sopo Jesu
O Maria Kangthir, o
Arnam a Pei, netum
Pappi abaha ne duwai
pinon, non lapen mo
kethi abutor.
Lapu pachiplang nang.

Another version of
Hail Mary / Kardom Maria:
Kardom Maria,
kanghon kepleng abang,
Hemphu Nang long do,
arlosomar angbong Nanglisi hirjume kelong,
lapen Nangli pok athe Jisuta hirjume kelong.
O Maria Kangthir,
o Arnam aPei,
netum pappi aphan,
non lapen mo kethi ahut Arnam ne ardom pitha.

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