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The Work of God's Children

 Mexican Rosary Prayers
  This language is spoken by people in Mexico.

See also: Spanish (American) Prayers

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Ore rure u bacpe Ereico / Our Father / Pater Noster

Ore rure u bacpe Ereico: Toipoap pavemga tu a va.
Ubu jagatou oquoa vae. Charai bàmo derera reco
Oreroso leppè wacpe. Toge mognanga
dere mi potare vbupè wacpe ige monangiave.
Ara ia vion ore remiou
zimeeng cori oreve:

de guron orevo ore
come moa sara su pe oregiron javé; Epipotarume aignang
orememoauge; Pipea pauem gne ba ememoan ore suy. Emona.

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