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The Work of God's Children

Medieval Saxon Rosary Prayers
This language is an extinct language spoken in England in the 9th century.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
The Heliand - 9th century.

Fadar ûsa firiho barno,
thu bist an them hôhon himila rîkea,
geuuîhid sî thîn namo uuordo gehuuilico.
Cuma thîn craftag rîki.
Uuerða thîn uuilleo obar thesa uuerold alla,
sô sama an erðo, sô thar uppa ist
an them hôhon himilo rîkea.
Gef ûs dago gehuuilikes râd, drohtin the gôdo,
thîna hêlaga helpa, endi alât ûs, hebenes uuard,
managoro mênsculdio, al sô uue ôðrum mannum dôan.
Ne lât ûs farlêdean lêða uuihti
sô forð an iro uuilleon, sô uui uuirðige sind,
ac help ûs uuiðar allun ubilon dâdiun.

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