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Ata Manobo Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as
Atao Manobo, Ata of Davao, and Langilan.
This language is spoken by 127,000 people in
northwestern Davao, Mindanao, Philippines.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer (according to the Gospel of Saint  Matthew)

Amoy noy dio to langit,
Ka ig-ampu noy koykow ian
to ogtahuron ka ngaran nu.
10. Ogkoiniatan noy to
magaan ogkatuman ka
Pogsugu nu kai to soin no kalibutan.
Ogkatuman ka koykow no
pogboot kai to soin no
tano no unawa to songo
natuman dio to Langit.
11. Bogayi koy to koonon noy
kuntoon to soini no allow.
12. Pasaylua koy to mgo salo
noy, unawa to ogpasayluon noy
ka mgo salo to mgo duma noy kanami.
13. Igpamariu koy nikoykow to maroot
no pogdoromdom oyow kono koy
ogpokohimu to maroot.
Woy igpamariu koy nikoykow ki Satanas
no igbuyag to mgo busow.

Another version of
Our Father / The Lord's Prayer
(according to the Gospel of Saint Luke)

Amoy noy no diò to Langit,
ogparakolon noy ka ngaran nu no maroyow.
Ogko-iniatan noy ko maga-an ogkatuman
ka pogsugù nu kai to so-ini no kalibutan.
Tibò no allow, bogayi koy to ko-onon noy no
ogko-ilangon noy.
Po-igu-a koy ka mgo otow no
makasasalò su songo ogpo-igu-on noy ka otow,
agad hontow no nakasalò kanami.
Buligi koy oyow konò koy ogka-alap to agad
nokoy no maro-ot no batasan.

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