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Todos Santos Cuchumatán Mam Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Ami, Amia, Pagcah, Bakurut, Lam-Si-Hoan, Maran, Sabari, and Tanah.
This language is spoken by 50,000 people in the town of Todos Santos Cuchumatán, Huehuetenango Department, Guatemala.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer /
Kman Dios
Kman Dios ata tuj cya'j, nimsajxit
tbiy cyxol xjal.
10  Kaja tu'n tul tcawbila twitz tx'otx'.
Chi nimanxit cykilca xjal twitz tx'otx
tyola tisenx nnimja tuj cya'j.
11 K'ontza kwaya ja'lewe.
12 Bix najsanq'uey ja il o  cub
kbincha'na twitza, tisen keya ncub
knajsa'na jka' o tz'oc cybincha'n xjal ki'ja.
13 Mi'n ko cub tk'o'na tuj kni'ya,
sino cloma ko'ya tuj tk'ab taaw il,
cuma jay cawel tibaj cykilca twitz
tx'otx' bix tuj cya'j, bix at mas tipemala
cywitz cykilca, bix jawnex tey tibaj
cykilca te junx maj.  Ju'xit ttena,”
tż۟i cybela oj cyna'na Dios.

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