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 Malecite - Passamaquoddy Rosary Prayers
This is a Native American language spoken in the United States of America by 900 people and in Canada by 600 people. It is a dialect of Algonquian.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Me-tox-sen'a spum-keek ay-e-en sa-ga-mow-ee

 / Our Father /
Pater Noster

Me-tox-sen'a spum-keek ay-e-en sa-ga-mow-ee

tel-mox-se'en tel-e-wee-so-teek.

Cheep-tooke wee-chey-u-leek spum-keek taun

e-too-chee-sauk-too-leek spum-a-kay-e'en.

Too-eep-nauk-na-meen kes-e-kees-skah-keel 


el-me-kees-kaak keel-mets-min a-woo-lee.

Ma-hate-moo-in ka-tee a-le-wa-nay-ool-te'ek 

el-mas we-chee-a-keel 

me-koke-may-keel ne-ma-hate-hum-too-moo-in. 


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