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Lovari Romani Rosary Prayers
It is also known as Lovarícko.
This language is a Romani, Vlax dialect spoken by Romani (Gypsy) people in Brazil. Also spoken in Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, and many other European and American countries.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Amaro Dad’i,
con sam ando rayo,
te i’svunt’sissayvel’pe tyo anau’,
te avel’tar tyo t’hem,
te querdyol’pe tyi voya
sar ando rayo,
cade vi pey p’huu’.
Sac’co dyessesco man’ro de ame’m adyes,
h’ay yertossar amare bezerh’a,
sar que vi ame yertossaras codolengue,
con amengue quere’m bezerh’a,
h’ay na inguer ame’m andel’nassulyipe,
ba i’slobodissar ame’m cat’har o duch’mano.

Hail Mary
Dobrome Mariya,
i’svunt’simassa p’rherdyi,
o Ray silo tussa,
domnyime san tu mach’car le romnya,
h’ay domnyimey tye perreski fruta, Iessus.

M’ri Romnyi Mariya,
Devleski i’svunto Dey,
rudyissartu and’ame bezerh’ale,
acanac h’ay p’amare merimasco tchasso.

Glory Be
Barh’taloy le Dadesque
tay le Savesque
tay le I’svunte Gyih’esque t’hem,
acanac tay sacanac tay sacanac.

Sign of the Cross
And’i anau’ le Dadesco,
h’ay pe chavesco
h’ay pe le I’svuntone Duh’osco anau’.

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