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Lapuyan Subanun Rosary Prayers
This Language is also known as Subanen Lapuyan, Lapuyen, and Margosatubig.
This language is spoken by 25,000 people on peninsulas of eastern Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer / Dyanami Gamà
Dyanami Gamà tu dlangit:
ndyumen hu su ngalan mu pegeraban thandeng;
ndyumen hu mateng na su Hepedlegarì mu;
ndyumen hu metumanan na su kelyag mu rini
dunya maantu ra tu dlangit.
Begay ryanami nandaw su gan mahoyag ryanami gendaw-gendaw.
Ampun mu ryanami su nga dlad nami,
maantu ra hampun nami tu nga dlad pigbetad
ryanami nu nga duma nami.
Gendì mu witay yami tu gempasang nga gindan,
ugaid ipaten ami genat tu Selataw Gmelat.

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