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The Work of God's Children

Southern Kisi Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Kissi, Gizi, Kissien, and Gisi.
This language is spoken by 115,000 people in Lofa County in the extreme northwest corner of Liberia.  It is also spoken in Sierra Leone.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Mlk Fnyā nā / Our Father / The  Lord's Prayer

'Mlk Fnyā nā, nm ch hō  fndāŋ nūmnd w,

 chō nm pīīy māā wāŋnd ā k n nm blŋ māā nūm kpkp ch Mlk n.

10 V nk msā wāŋndā chī ch kp.

Ts  sbū māā wāŋnd kp  chēŋnd chō ā tōs ny()  hnŋ nd, m ny  hnŋ nd ō tōsāŋ  fndāŋ nūmnd y.

11 Ts  sbū mī  sl ny dīāā n  dīā pl hāūl()ŋ nd.

12 Ml n l yŋndā wŋndā n  tōs lŋ, m n  māl wānā tsāl n  wŋndŋ nd y.

13 Ts  sbū tndŋ klā kmāl n mī  tōs yŋ wŋnd l.

Mnd n yŋ Mās Nynāā Wŋnd ō tī n bā.'”

is supposed to have a line over it instead of the two dots

() is supposed to have a short line coming up from the left side of the line above the letter

() is supposed to have the line come upward on the left side instead

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