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Kabyle Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Tamazight and Algerian.  This language is spoken by 2,600,000 people in  western Kabylia, Algeria.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

ABBAT-Ngher / Our Father

Ababat-nnegh yellan deg ‘genwan
ad itswaqeddes yisem-ik
tas ed tgeldit-ik.
Ad itswaxdem lirad-ik di ddunit am deg ‘genni.
Fkan-agh ed ass-agi aghrum nnegh b-wass.
Ssurf-anegh ighilifen nnegh akken netsemmih
ula d nekwni i wid i-gh-igan aghilif.
Ur gh-ttsajja ‘ra a-necced’
Mâana kkes-anegh ed seg wayen n-dir.
Imi tageldit ynek
Tazmert ynek
Lâazz d ayla-k
I warra b-warra.

Azal fellam a Meryamma / Hail Mary

Azal fellam a Meryamma
sser dgem ifad’
Ssid yidem yella.
Tettsunemmred’ ger tilawin irkwelli,
d Yasuâ*, tarwa n tâebbut’-im ittsunemmer.
A Meryamma taqeddist, a tayemmats n-Rebbi,
tuttsra yinem fellanegh
s imednuben s imeghban,
tura d wass n lmuts nnegh.
*nnegh Aysa.

Salam alik ia Mariama / Hail Mary
Salam alik ia Mariama,
thetchour neâma Rebbi,
Sid illa id' em, thetsouabarkedh
guer thilaouin
elkoul, lok Sidna Aissa,
Ifakia n thabouth im
Ia qadisa Mariama, immas
Rebbi, zal fel anar'
imdenouben mesakith,
thoura, lok deg el ouogt
n el mouth ennar'.

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