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Jiwaka Rosary Prayers
It is also known as Wahgi and Mid-Wahgi.
This language is spoken by 39,000 people in Jimi, Wahgi, and Kambia in the Western Highlands Province, Minj District, Papua New Guinea.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / The Lord's Prayer
9. Kupil danzen,
Nim Kangne mapil panda,
10. Nim kupil miti wo pa sikera,
Nim kupil al gupne al panda,
Kin embe eri, mal al panda,
11. Nim ipe kepaizen mokinaize kuno er ngondol,
12. Kin zingzangzen nim sikel ngondol,
Kin embe eri, alamb enjep zingzangzep sikeramon.
13. Akmak al kin se nangondol,
Wal kes al to bre ne kel ngondol.
Nim danzen kaim,Nim omblo dam, pi au dam,
Mon pi morol,
Anzanz. Kaim!

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