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Ibatan Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Babuyan, Ibataan, and Ivatan.
This language is spoken by 1,400 on Babuyan Island, North of Luzon, Philippines.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
'Ama namen a mian do hanyit,
aniven o ngaran mo.
Mangay diamen o paypatolan mo as kapakatongtong pa no ichakey
mo diamen do tana aya akma so kawnot dia do hanyit.
Itoroh mo pa o ichaviay namen do sicharaw aya,
as kapakabo mo pa so gatos namen akma so
kapakabo namen dira do makagatos diamen.
Pavawahen mo pa yamen do katentasionan
diamen kan do atavo a marahet. Amen.'

Our Father
’Amang namen do hanyit,
madaydayaw iyaw masantwan a ngaran mo.
10. Mangay pakono kapagtoray mo,
as kan maparin pakono chakey mod
tanaya a akmas kaparin nad hanyit.
11. Torohan mo pa yamen so
kanen namen do kararaw,
12. as kan pakawanen mo yamen
do naygatosan namen dyimo a akmas
kapangpakawan namen siras nakagatos dyamen.
13. Palobosan mwaba yamen a masday do pakasolisogan,
basbali a paditchanen mo yamen do marahet!’

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