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The Work of God's Children

Western Guaraní Rosary Prayers
 This language is also known as
Simba and Simba Guaraní.
This language is spoken by 7,000 people in the
Chuquisaca Department,
south to Pilcomayo River, east to Cuevo, and
north to Monte Agudo, Bolivia.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father

OreRu ara pe nei vae, tuyembiadoraca nderee.
Tou ndeporoyocuia.
Tuyeyapo nde ndere vae cua ivi pe ara pe
uyeyapo oi rami.
Emee oreve opa ara orerembiurã.
Embiasa oreve orembaeyoa reta, ore numbiasa
ipotave iyoa orecoti vae pe rami.
Jare agüiye emaeño aña guasu re uyapoca vaerã
oreve mbaeyoa.
Orerepi  aña guasu güi.

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