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The Work of God's Children

  Gixtan Rosary Prayers
This language is a derivative of the Athabascan language.

  Gixtan is spoken by people in who live along the shores of the Skeena River in northwestern British Columbia, Canada.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father / 'Wii Nigwoodi'm
'Wii Nigwoodi'm, dit'aat ts'im laxhagi,
Enhaxbahoo' osxwhl wen.
Am dim aat' ikshl hlikingdomin
Ii 'nithl wihl hasagootxwin lax ha'niijok.
Gi'namhl amhl gabiihl wineex loo'm se tun,
Mi ii saa gimgihl hlahadit' akxu'm.
'Nithl mi wila saa gimgihl hlahadit' akxwhl dip
'nidiit enhlibiltwiltxu'm.
Ha'w mi ji dii dixdee' ntxu'm ts'im ensbeltgoot.
K'ex xsi dimootxu'm ehl hat' akxw,
A wil 'niin wilt ehl kingdom, daxget, ganhl
enhlo' omsxw ehl nee dim dii ax dii saa bahat.
'Nit dim gan wilt.

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