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 Fuyug Rosary Prayers
It is also known as Fuyuge, Fujuge, Fuyughe, Mafufu, and Woitape.
This language is spoken by 14,000 people in Central Province, Goilala District, Owen Stanley Range, Papua New Guinea

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father

Di Bab, asolitsi andamenen.
Di fatsi nanani nur hongol andamen mu falalamem
Nur iv inog sondamalon,
Nu je di amende fidan malon,
Nur av isero
Ima fidan fidan,di nam and gig di indi.
Di odelave,di je ko malameneni,
Mu mad koi huvalan hela.
Nunu ende vave, di kelel huvan hela.
Di tu ja, di kelelelitsi sesamenen mur av mem isero,
Ta diabole uruton di bo go.

Hail Mary
Maria, na nu ariete, Deov'u grasia korio nu silavitssi ando,
nu Deov'ur' ivilan'akai, nur'ual'ifa fida, Jesu nur' Es' ov'end'ifa fida.
Maria Sante, Deov'u Mame, audati, di su'angadima ta,
di pekagatai ur'isoge menamen'i.
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