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 Ewondo Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Ewunu, Jaunde, Yaounde, and Yaunde.
This language is spoken by 600,000 in Center and South Provinces, Cameroon.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
A tara WAN ya onë a yob
Dzoe doe alugeban
ayòn doe azaag abë bia
Nyian woe oyenenan a si
mbol fë ya yob
Va bia bedi bian ya Amos di
Odzu bia ebyandi biakare Wa bò,
Ane mbol bia biadzu e ba
bakare bia byandi
Te walede bia mebobela
Ovaaga bia mbe dzam.

Our Father
A tara wan ya onë a yob;
Dzoe doe alugëban,
Ayòñ doe azaag abë bia,
Nyian woe oyeneñan a si,
mbol fë ya yob,
Va bia bidi bian ya amos di
Odzu bia ebiandi biakare Wa bò,
Anë mbol bia biadzu e ba
bakare bia biandi;
Te walede bia mebobela,
Ovaaga bia mbe dzam.

Hail Mary
Maria ovumâ, onë ndziean ai gratsia,
Nti an'ai wa, wawum olode bininga besë,
ndò fë mòn y'abum doe Yesu nya awum.
A mfufub Maria, nnya Zamba kogel' asu bi
besem, etetëg nyò, ai abog awu dan. Amen.
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