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 Coptic Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as
  This extinct language is spoken by people using it as a liturgical language in the Coptic Church in Egypt. 

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Peniwt Etqen / Our Father

Peniwt etqen nivyou`i> mareftoubo `nje pekran>
marec`i `nje tekmetouro pete hnak> marefswpi `mvry] qen pve nem hijen pikahi.
Penwik `nte rac] myif nan `mvoou>
ouoh ja ny`eteron nan `ebol `mvry] hwn `ntenjw `ebol `nny `ete.
Ouon `ntan erwou ouoh `mperenten `eqoun `epiracmoc>
alla nahmen `ebol ha pipethwou.


Peniwt  etqen  niv/oui / Our Father 

Peniwt etqen niv/oui mareftoubonje pekran mareci nje tekmatouro petehnak marefswpi mvr/] qen pvenem hijen pikah penwik nterac] m/if nan mvoououoh ,a neteron nan ebol mvr/]hwn nten,w ebol nn/eteouon ntanerwououoh mperentan eqoun epiramoc alla nahmen ebolha pipethwou. Am/n.

  Another version of
Peniwt et qen niv/oui / Our Father

Peniwt et qen niv/oui. Mareftoubo njepekran. mareci njetekmatouro. Petehnak marefswpi mvr/] qen pve nem hijen pikahi. Penwik nterac] m/ifnan mvoou. Ouoh ,an eteronnanebol mvr/] hwneneten,w ebol nn/eteouon ntan erwou. Ouoh mperenteneqoun epiracmoc alla nahmen ebolha pipethwou. Am/n.

Another version of
Pe-n-iwt et-qen ni-v/oui
/ Our Father


pe- n- iōt

et-qen ni-v/oui

et- chen ni- phēoui

mare-f-toubo nje pe-k-ran

mare- f- toubo endsche pe-k- ran

mare-c-i nje te-k-met-ouro

mare- s-i endsche te-k- met- ouro

p-ete hna-k mare-f-swpi

p- ete hna- k mare- f- schōpi

m- v-r/] qen p-ve

em- ph-reti chen t- phe

nem hijen pi-kahi

nem hidschen pi-kahi


pe-n- ōik

nte rac]

ente rasti

m/i-f na-n m- v-oou

mēi- f na- n em- ph-oou

ouoh ,a

ouoh kha

n/-et-ero-n na-n e-bol

nē- et- ero- n na- ne e- bol

m- v-r/] hw-n nte-n-,w e-bol

em- ph-rēti hō- n ente-n- khō e- bol

n -n/ ete ouon nta-n erw-ou

en- nē ete ouon enta- n erō- ou

ouoh mper-en-ten eqoun

ouoh emper-en- ten echoun


e- pirasmos

alla nahme-n e-bol

alla nahme- n e- bol

ha pi-p-et-hwou.

ha pi- p- et- hōou.



Another version of
Penoit etchennipheoui / Our Father / Pater Noster

Penoit etchennipheoui.  Mareftoubonje pecran.  Maresinje tecme touro. Netehnacmarefshopi.  Phredichentphenemhi jenpicahi.  Fenoiki terasti meifnanphoou.  Ouohchanieteron nanebolmphretitio.  Tenchoebol neete.  Ouo omper tenechou epirasmos.  Alla nah menebolch enpipethmou.

jere ne maria / Hail Mary / Ave Maria

jere ne maria eymeh nhmot:

ouoh p[c

swp neme tcmarwout nyo

qen nihiomi:

ouoh fcmarwout nje

poutah nte teneji

i/c: w y/ eyouab maria

ymau mv]

sa/a ehr/i ejwn: anonqa

nirefernobi: ]nou

nemqen ]ajp nte penmou:


Another version of
Jere ne Maria / Hail Mary / Ave Maria

Jere ne Maria eymeh nhmot ouoh P[c

swp tecmarwout nyo qen nihiomi

ouoh femarwout nje poutah nte teneji i/c

W y/eyu Maria ymau iiv] sl/l

ehr/i ejwn anon qa ni refernobi ]nou

nem qen ]ajp ntepenmou


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