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Common Internationalized Romani Rosary Prayers
This language is used as a common, standardized Romani (Gypsy) language worldwide.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
Amaro Dad, savo san ade bolipe,
Teyavel arasno tiro lov,
Teyavel tiro rayan,
Teyavel tiro kam.
Sir pe bolipe, ad'a i pe phu.
De amenge, adadives, amaro sabdivesuno maro;
I khem amenge amare dosha
Sir i ame khemas amare doshvalenge ;
I nalija amen ade perik
Ne muk amen fuyipastar:
Ad'a teyavel.

Hail Mary
Yov sasti Mari, pherdi dey,
Devel tusa,
Punidi tu mashkir jul'ende
I punido tire and'ako phel - Isos.

San Mari, Isoseskiri day,
Mang Devles vash amenge papanenge,
Akana i ade amare meripaskiri hor.
Ad'a teyavel.

Glory be to the Father
Shar Dadeske, Chaveske i San Phurdeske !
Sis isis ad aramb,
I akana i sarda,
I ade sid'a i sid'a
Ad'a teyavel.

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