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The Work of God's Children

Chontal De Tabasco Rosary Prayers
This language is spoken by 55,000 in north central and southern Tabasco, Mexico.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father

Cä Pap, bajca anet tä cielo,
ch'u'ul ajnic a c'aba'.
La'ix de Ajnoja. Utic ca' chich a wo.
Ca' chich u yute tä cielo. che' chich täcä utic pancab.
Benon t'ocob upete q'uin cä pa' waj y upete cua' chichca
que c'änä cäc'a t'ocob tuba cä numsen t'ocob t'oc q'uin.
Chen perdona cä tanä t'ocob,
ca' chich no'on t'ocob cä chen perdona machcatac u säte' t'oc no'on t'ocob.
Mach a wäctan tic täjcac'o t'ocob jini u yäc'benon cä säte' t'oc ane.
Tz'eje'on t'ocob t'oc jini mach utzba.
Uc'a ane chich ni paq'uin Ajnojalet.
Paq'uin an a poder. Paq'uin an a pitzilan.
Mach'an a xupiba.
Che' chich ajnic.
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