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Chin (Daai) Rosary Prayers
This language is also known as Daai, Dai, and M'Kaang.
This language is spoken by 30,000 people in Matupi, Paletwa, Kanpetiet townships, Burma (Mayanmar).

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father

Kkhaan khoa vek kti Pa Pangsiimo,
nah ngming jou taai mah she.
Nah upa pe phalo she,
kkhaan khoa nah hlü ei ah nih poh-a
kba kho mdeka phi poh u-she.
Amhnüüp tä lü ei ook vai jah pea.
Kah nih kkhaana mkhye kti kah nih
mhläta kba kah nih mkhye naak phi jah mhlät bä.
Mkhye vaia hlo hleep naak käh jah
khaam ei shak bä. Shatan yaai pa-a ma-a
jah shung khaama.

Silent Night/Stille Nacht
A dai zan, a thiang zan,
Khuamui lak ceu a si.
Khattelei-ah fate a it.
A ih lioah an zohkhenh.
Van thluachuah a um cang,
Van thluachuah a um cang.
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