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Chi, Mun Rosary Prayers
  This language is also known as Mun, Ng'men, Cho, Yawdwin, Mindat, and Chinbok.
This is a language is spoken by 30,000 in the western Chin Hills, Myanmar in Burma.

See also The Work of God's Children page for the illustrated version of prayers in this language.

Our Father
 Cun ahkia nami taigü ung;
Khankho ah om ciah kami Pa;
Na ming theing thang sä;
Na uk nak gawk law sä;
Khankho ah mäih ah m’dek khan
ah phi nang zak hlü cu kümbe sä:
Ak hnüüp tä ng’büh nak vai ei na pe gui ä.
Na kat na gui ci kami m’gein ah mäih ah,
Kami kat nak nam gein gui ä.
Tüihtok nak ung kä gawk vai ah,
Kä nik ci phung ung nam htei gui ä.
(Uknak, hlüngtai nak la Bawimang nak cu,
Nang ung ang täih ah om sä,) Amen,
(ci ne nami taigü vai).
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